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A late night juggernaut and a founder of ANBT (Ain't Nothing But Techno) is at the forefront of KL’s fast growing underground scene. In and amidst the titanic dark and underground movement lies a character who sticks out like a sore thumb with his uplifting and distinctive sound of Techno. The only rule is to push the boundaries of conventional electronic music exploring new directions while never losing sight of his core passions – playing music, sharing forward thinking visions and celebrating life. His sound defined by his high-octane performances and an unparalleled ability to engage and connect with the crowd and propelled forward by psychedelic beats and rippling synthetic basslines that induce from Techno, Indie Dance and hard drive debris like states. Whether it’s his solo or collaborative efforts, Ed Dix has always been a maverick presence in underground dance culture. Essentially, his intention with his style is to make interesting club music that has emotional resonance.

Techno with a rough, French and Belgium bent is his main preference, interspersed with 80’s synth, enchanting grooves or timeless electro cuts. He has always been a musician in love & addicted to music where his raw passion for music started when he was 15 by forming a band as a drummer, drawing influence from Joy Division, Pink Floyd, David Bowie & Depeche Mode. Driven by an acute sense for timing & the love of timeless music, Ed Dix continues to dive deeper into electronic sounds. From there his love for DJing really took form, kickstarted his imminent DJ career, started making his mixtapes which were favored in a trice by his peers & has developed an interest in mixing vinyl himself. From experience playing in a range of settings, from small underground parties to big clubs and festivals, a natural path towards playing as a DJ became established & has been going from strength to strength over the past few years.
Fast in demand, his signature tunes are often amazing and obscure – cleverly mashing up stuff from unknown and emerging artist, with sets that are deep, light and contagious to dance to. Preferring extended sets with analog mixers, he is a gimmick free selector who avoids tricks and effects. Instead he allows the music to play out as it was intended, always with an underlying sense of cohesion in order to allow the audience time to become deeply immersed in the sonic story he wants to share.

Through 10 years Djing, he has held residencies in several prolific venues in Kuala Lumpur & today he runs his monthly AIN’T NOTHING BUT TECHNO event at Privi, inviting unknown local talents, naturally dedicated to the music he likes. Aside from regular Friday nights at Le Noir, well recognized as one of KL’s top late night underground music spots, Ed Dix has in more recent years been seen sharing the decks with many KL’s underground purveyors and heard at most of the local notorious underground venues. But regardless of where you find him, you will find his dance floor moving, bruising and sweating. Fired by passion and fueled by boundless energy, he exudes positive vibes, impactful and infectious. Ed Dix is constantly striving to develop and refine the emerging local scene & he is ready to take the dance floor to new levels!

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