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Raised in a multicultural home and nourished by multi-genre music from around the world, her life in Paris steeped her taste in electronic music and the sub-genres. Hitting the party capitals of the world from Ibiza to Berlin to catch top acts further fuelled her love for the scene. Currently based in Kuala Lumpur, a city with a rapidly growing underground scene, she's sharing her love for music - inspired by the creative energies of Brooklyn during her Big Apple stint. 

Playing at some of the best house and techno nights in the city has seen her spin from major capitals like NYC to islands like Koh Samui. Her passion for the house/techno genre infused with her unique blend of global ethnic centric music, has seen her go from strength to strength with every set she plays – transporting her audience on an exotic trip. 

It is this very dedication to her craft that gained her opening spots for international DJs such as Re.You, You And Me, Matthias Meyer and Nico Pusch to name a few. It also got her a mention on Pulse Radio’s “7 Female DJ’s That Are Rocking The Kuala Lumpur Scene Right Now” list.

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