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2017 has seen Rob G play at Sweatbox (Elysium), Daydream Pool Party, Daydream afterparty, Le Noir rooftop, Como, Pisco and of course his very own Privi where KL’s first breakfast club was held on the 10th of Sept 2017.

Connected would not be complete without the energy, vision and industry nous of Australia’s Rob G aka Hijack.

Rob G has been involved in the scene for over 20 years. First, growing up in Adelaide and then forging a successful career in the hospitality industry in Sydney, Rob G has seen it all when it comes to music, festivals and live DJ performances.

With his deep driving, techno and tech House brand of music, brings an energy and enthusiasm that carries into his live performances — at events, festivals and his regular sets at Privi, Elysium, Como, Pisco and Le Noir — where it’s about finding, creating and recreating those ‘goosebump’ moments.

His mission of “amazing things, with amazing people” rings true in everything he does; nothing more so than when it comes to music and DJing with the connected crew and they people they play with.

As he says, “the greatest joy is seeing someone else get goosebumps, whether from what we play or from the events we put on. That’s the goal.”

Connected is committed to doing exactly that; be the platform for bringing like-minded people from Malaysia and around the region to share, indulge and express themselves in ways that will enliven the experience of other people.

“We aim to create immersive experiences where ever we play”

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