Victor Trixter

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I am defined by being who I am, and not what the world expects of one who churns out snazzy music at fancy clubs. Music is very much a part of my life and is a passionate journey involving the many milestones of my existence. 
This richness is combined, spiced up and translated into hi energy yet delightful vibes to provide excitement and complement the ambience fitting of hip clubs worthy of their existence. But my spinning environment does not dictate my living preferences ; for I abstain from smokes, booze and lead a very healthy life - I choose not to be a consequences of my environment, but rather the master of my destiny. 

Living carefully also helps me save money for more meaningful endeavours like Travels.
My travels have taken me to many ancient civilisations around neighbouring countries, have touched a deeper part of my soul and allowed me to connect with many cultures. Those moving encounters have brought me joy, and made me a more compassionate being. It has definitely taught me that we don't need that many materialistic belongings in our lives, less is More , detachment leads to contentment, clarity and happiness. 

These days I open up all my senses consciously and try to embrace and absorb life's beauty whenever the opportunity presents itself, and then weave these into delightful little stories. I do hope these videos of mine can offer you an interesting glimpse of my encounters, and bring as much joy and meaning to you as it did to me.

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