DROP x Art Xtreme Media - Off The Record ft. Obadius & Otherkind

The Terraces TREC Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-2110 4343
Email: info@dropkl.com
Website: https://www.dropkl.com/
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Drop KL and Art Xtreme Media are kickstarting "Off The Record" this Friday, March 23rd.

Off The Record is a party series dedicated to all the dance music variations on the warm and fuzzy spectrum.Music that have been produced off the beaten path, on white labels or simply unreleased yet. Music you can sing along on because it's an integral part of music history. Music that gives you goosebumps even though you haven't heard it on the radio.Music that you hear for the first time at Drop KL long before it becomes a popular hit. Music that heightens your senses and makes you dance.
The soothing vibe of "Off The Record" parties will have at its core the element of togetherness that goes hand in hand with Drop KL's concept - understated yet cosy, lush yet non pretentious, welcoming yet edgy.

Drop KL and its American modern cuisine , the tasty cocktails of surprising origins , the warm woody interior, the quality of the sound and the view, the fuzzy lights are all combining with the music with the aim of creating a smooth and comfortable ambience. Its older brother- Drop Hong Kong has been a house music establishment for over 18 years precisely for its quality music, no-pretense policy and the cosy atmosphere.
Loft/lounge parties are a popular thing in the US, having the ability to get people together and make them feel at home whenever they have a night out without the flamboyant spark of club lasers and the glam that goes with it. The no signboard no-nonsense direction of Drop KL will reflect well into its music direction

The first edition of "Off The Record" features Otherkind & Obadius. Whilst KLites may be familiar with them from The Sweatbox, where they are both holding a residency, many of you are unfamiliar with the classic and warmer side of their DJ sets. This Friday they will get into the zone delivering a lush and thoughtful journey of sound .
We hope to see you at Drop KL!

12:00 AM to 5:00 AM
Free Entry
Dinner/ Table Reservations: info@dropkl.com or call +603 2110 4343

Date & Time
23rd Mar 23:30
Free Entry

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