Elysium Box presents : Taboo 14

No. 31, Jalan Mesui, Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60320223818
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Happy New Year party peeps! We hope you all recovered from your hangovers and you are fully charged for the first weekend event of 2018 by Art Xtreme Media - Taboo 14, this Friday, January 5th with Leonard Sinclair, Blastique and Lish ! We promise to take you easy to smoothen up your beginning of the year so we have chosen some great music selectors for your party needs! Whatever you want, they got it!

This edition features world music in a nutshell, as non-mainstream as ever , with just a little touch of extra bass for the flavor . We focus on quality and versatility and we aim to rock the dance floor and yourselves with another fun Taboo session.

Different take on music- we got it, awesome selectors- check, fun vibes- ditto ! As for our 3 guest DJs , Leonard Sinclair - breaks DJ at heart, however an excellent crowd pleasers, he can rock a psychedelic trace or a house set just as well , so when it comes to the DJ/Performer/Entertainer/MC Leo Sinclair, just expect the unexpected and go with the flow. His years behind the console and his versatility will do the talking this Friday night in the box.

As for Lish - her delicate, deep, classic take on music and her great tune selection turn her into a great performer so we look forward to have her at Taboo . Reuben Samuel, aka Blastique , the man behind Mile High Sounds- the only Ableton Live Certified Training studio in Malaysia is doing what he loves most for over a decade. The studio is 7 years old , however, Blastique's passion for music goes back to childhood. In our opinion, one of the best breaks DJ we have heard, him too holds versatility as the ace in the sleeve,. A proper technology nerd and a very technical DJ, he is always a pleasure to watch as it is to listen and dance to his beats. Blastique will do a Taboo live stream this Friday , for those of you who are far away and won't be able to join us .

Friday is Taboo in the box, and a whole lot of fun, so join us to shake your hangovers and get new ones and of course, a whole lot of great memories! <3

11 PM till late
RSVP & Reservations: +60320223818
Cover Charge : 30 RM before 3 AM, 40 RM after 3 AM

****Art Xtreme Media and Elysium KL advise you to make a reservation at the number listed above or by contacting Elysium Bar +Terrace .This will waive the cover charge and it will allow you to avoid queuing and gain access to the event as the venue often reaches full capacity. The management reserves the right to deny access when the venue is full. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. See you on the dance floor! <3

Date & Time
5th Jan 23:00
30 RM before 3 AM, 40 RM after 3 AM

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