Le Noir : 17 Nov : Girls On Top: Celeste Siam

Unit H-G-07, The Hive, TREC, Jalan Tun Razak
Phone: +60122245416
Email: reservations@lenoir.com.my
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Le Noir KL presents

Celeste Siam
Supported by Adiero + Nukier
(Deep/Tech House)


To RSVP for free entry before 1am, simply click 'Going' on the event page.
RM40 at the door (Includes 1 free drink and access to the roof terrace and club lounge).


Roof terrace opens at 5pm. Cover charge may apply after 11pm.
To reserve your spot:
Book online: https://form.jotform.me/LeNoirKL/book-a-table
Email: reservations@lenoir.com.my
Phone/WhatsApp: +60122245416
Valet parking available.

Happy Hour 1 for 1 beer, cider, house wine and house pours till 10pm.
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Cocktail of the day RM28.

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Celeste Siam Biography (个人简介)

Celeste Siam is no stranger to the international dance music scene, although from Thailand, as a DJ and artist, she made an early impact on the European scene, spending her summers in Ibiza playing at many of the iconic parties alongside established international stars. It was an apprenticeship that gave her an early indication of the importance in immersing herself in the scene to get the very best out of it.

虽然她来自泰国,但是 Celeste Siam 对国际舞蹈音乐现场并不陌生。她不但对欧洲现场带来了早期地冲击和影响,而且她以 DJ 和艺术家的身份和很多国际明星一起在伊比沙岛许多标志性的宴会表演。她把这些沉浸在现场的宝贵经验和学习机会充分地利用起来。为她以后的成名奠定了基础。

Following her appearance at IMS Asia pacific in Shanghai, debuting at one of Asia's best underground clubs, Lola’s, and after she gets set to head back to Europe and to ADE in Amsterdam, where she appeared on two panels, Celeste has been invited for the first Tokyo Dance Music Event and her debut and Asia’s Acclaimed underground club WOMB.

继她在上海举行亚太 IMS 的亮相, 首次在亚洲最好的地下俱乐部之一, Lola’s, 表演之后她回到欧洲和现场表演过两次的阿姆斯特丹的 ADE。Celeste 被邀请到东京举办的首次舞蹈音乐活动,并且在亚洲著名的地下俱乐部WOMB完成了个人表演秀。

Despite having the honour to become the First Asian Artist to receive and international recognition by the TOP 10 OF ASIA AWARD Organization as BEST ASIAN FEMALE DJ, her stamina is in full swing when touring entertaining ravers at some of the best fiestas all over 39 countries worldwide, headlining festivals in South Africa and India or been part of massive events like Road To Ultra or Arcadia, The Revolution Recruits or Axtone, which craved her name and reputation, not only a solid reference for the sound and style she's up for, but for elegance & Balearic understanding when it comes to HouseMusic.

尽管荣幸地成为亚洲第一位受国际认可的亚洲艺术家, 这次评选是由排名前十名的机构评选出的亚洲最佳女 DJ. 她的耐力和魅力把游览在世界各地的39国家的一些最好的节日来吸引狂欢者。注释:领衔节日在南非和印度或作为重要活动的一部分, 如 Road To Ultra 或 Arcadia, The Revolution Recruits or Axtone, 为她名誉打下了坚固的基础。当谈到浩室音乐,都会以她的混音风格做参考。

In her spare time, she promotes her own events “The Ibiza Reunion” and “Life is a Pitch” around Asia, which showcase the very best sounds and resident DJs of the white isle. She’s also a crusader against animal cruelty and represents the “International Human Rights Commission” as their ambassador for peace andHumanity (2015-2016)

她利用业余时间为自己的活动 "The ibiza Reunion" 和 “Life is a Pitch" 在亚洲周边进行宣传。展示了白色小岛的最佳声音和驻场DJ.她同时也是一个反对残忍对待动物的十字会成员,在"国际人权委员会" 担当和平与人道大使 (2015-2016)。

Recent highlights include performing at Michelin Galas for the pioneer Metal Couture Artist, Manuel Albarran, Responsible of creating the looks and wows of Avici, David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Lady Gaga or Madonna, and with her debut at the iconic Pacha Macau showcasing a new blend of performance and house music.

最近的亮点包括在米其林的先锋金属时装艺术宴会, Manuel Albarran, 负责和 Avici, David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Lady Gaga 或 Madonna 在具有标记性的澳门 Pacha 展示了一种新的混合和浩室音乐。

In the world of clubbing, you can't spell Thailand without stopping to think of Celeste Siam. Considered the best referent of House Music that Asia has to offer…

你不能在酒吧的世界里, 没有停下来想 Celeste Siam 的泰国。她被认为是亚洲最好的浩室音乐的代名词..


Date & Time
17th Nov 17:00
RM40 at the door (Includes 1 free drink and access to the roof terrace and club lounge).

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