LockerThursday ft. Dracula's Donuts

#L3-01B, DC Mall, Damansara City 6 Jalan Damanlela Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 12-244 4012
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LockerThursday ft Dracula’s Donuts 

RM5 nett red & white wine for the ladies all night!

Dracula's Donuts is a duo born out of passion for music and it features Niza Minx and Biscuit.

Niza Minx is one of Malaysia's prolific house heads, whom, for over a decade has delivered sultry beats to various dance floors locally and internationally. Niza is characterized by an old school vibe and edgy sets. One can listen to a house track and easily be absorbed into a trance or techno tune without even noticing. With progressive and classic house as her strengths, Niza has held residencies in various hip clubs around KL- From 21 to Le Noir.
Biscuit is a known presence in the music world, however , as a promoter and event organiser. Djing came as a natural consequence of her being around music and putting up events for over a decade . The more professional approach to events and promoting came with the events company she is now running for almost 3 years- Art Xtreme Media and her regular nights that she is hosting at Elysium- Taboo and The Sweatbox . From passion to business and beyond, Djing gives her the ability to further her contribution to the music world always perfecting and always learning throughout all the aspects of the music. When asked “ if you were to be anything in the music business, what would you be?” her answer would probably be “ Everything” . So she is booking, promoting, curating, managing, organising, writing, marketing her events, and DJing. Well, just about everything . Her quest in 2018 would be to do what she loves and of course, music is at the forefront, in whatever form.
The start of the Dracula's Donuts project came from the desire to deliver something new and fresh. Whilst Niza's known classic , old school vibe and her approach being very catchy, she was looking to refresh and steer into a new direction.
As Biscuit is a lover of all genres of non mainstream electronic music and as such she can play a minimal techno set today and a soulful house set tomorrow, so the idea was born to blend the vast likes of Biscuit with Niza's established style in order to embark on a new direction of sound.
Together, their vibe is exciting , dance floor enticing and the approach to music challenges both to deliver the best journey , helped and seasoned by the vast knowledge in music they both have.

Catch Dracula's Donuts every Wednesday at Elysium Bar and Terrace for Ladies Night round 1 10 PM to 3 AM and at Locker Room every Thursday for round 2 of Ladies Night and 5 RM wines nett 8 PM to 12 AM

Date & Time
21st Dec 20:00
Free Entry

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