The Sweatbox- Sweatbox Records Label Launch

No. 31, Jalan Mesui, Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60320223818
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Dear Party People,

This Saturday, March 31st, at The Sweatbox we are very pleased to host the official launch of our very own brainchild, Sweatbox Records , a label inspired by the very parties Art Xtreme Media is hosting every Saturday at Elysium's 32nd . Sweatbox Records is a non mainstream electronic music label that encompasses the music direction at The Sweatbox,.The aim of the label is to gather the vibe and energy of KL’s notorious Sweatbox through releases that render the very feel of Saturday nights. The brainchild is a collaboration between Art Xtreme Media and MDE .Over 80 producers and 300 DJs have graced the decks of The Sweatbox in its first 2.5 years since inception and most of them will be creating some crafty tunes for our first release. A compilation that gathers and renders the journey-oriented vibe of The Sweatbox. “From Sunset To Sunrise Vol 1” compilation contains 21 tracks from 25 artists and is scheduled for release on April 23rd 2018, followed by 2 EP s and we hope, many more dance floor gems for your discerning ears. From Sunset melodies to dance floor fillers to intelligent electronica to deep grooves and to Sunrise epicness, “From Sunrise To Sunset” reveals the hot, fun, sweaty and brimming with good energy Saturday nights at The Sweatbox.

For this very special party we have invited the Kuala Lumpur based crew of producers who have each contributed to the compilation and who are the first wave of artists to release on our brand new label :
Rory Gallagher, Meliha, Road to Mana, Obadius, OtherKind and Arzuk

Over the past few months, the 25 artists we begin our Sweatbox Records quest with helped us shoulder to shoulder to create our first finish product and we look forward to April 23 when it will be available on all digital media outlets.

This Saturday we will offer you a decent sneak-peek through what have we been musically up to over the past few months!

11 PM till late
RSVP & Reservations: +60 320 22 38 18 or Shayan : +60 172 47 57 11.
Cover Charge: 40 RM + 1 Drink

***Art Xtreme Media & Elysium KL advise you to make a reservation at the number listed above. This way your cover charge will be waived, you avoid queuing and you are then able to grant yourselves access to the event since the venue often reaches full capacity. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation, see you on the dance floor! ♥

To keep you up to date with our music, like our page here : Sweatbox Records

Date & Time
31st Mar 23:00
40 RM + 1 Drink

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